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Girlfriend making the switch from Mac to PC: Part 4

It’s been some time since my last update so this what has happened.

Last weekend Marra decided that the choice was now an Apple Mac. Although yes we stated that in the beginning Windows would be the choice due the gaming and not much games/application support was available for the Mac as there was for the PC. However since we are unable to find a suitable substitute for the Mac, she now wants to get a MacBook Pro.

So away we went to first a Domayne Store in Silverwater where they were offering a 1000 days interest free on all goods in the store. What we soon learnt though was that this special did not apply to Apple stock. The only finance that they could offer her was 12-months with some ridiculous condition that I can’t even remember now. We soon left the store empty handed.

I remember that there was a Apple store in Baulkham Hills which maybe could offer us some hope. But when we got there, soon found that the store no longer existed.

We went to lunch to regather what we were to do next.

We called the Dick Smith store back in Penrith and enquired if they could offer decent interest free loans and they did. Success. We soon drove to Penrith and talked to a eager salesman who proceeded to put together a list of items from the MacBook Pro, Extended Apple Warranty, and external HDD. Once that was settle we began the credit application process. This is where we were let down once again.

Once all the information was entered into the system and the application was posted, we soon discovered that the application was mark for further approval. We were told to find something else to do until we got a call. We left the store. About 45 minutes later we were asked to return to the store with Marra’s pay slip which was soon faxed away for further assessment. Over an hour later the salesman told us the news.

Marra was only accepted for only $2500 of the request $3200 credit. Meaning that they hadn’t approved her for the full amount of the loan and would not be getting the laptop she was dreaming about.

This has now been put aside until enough money can be saved or at least the credit can be approved.

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