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Fortigate SSL VPN Remote Desktop Dynamic Resolution

Since updating my FortiGate to 7.2 firmware, I noticed that when using Fortigate SSL VPN Web Portal the Remote Desktop Connection resolution was forced to 1024×768, when previously it was able to use dynamic resolution based on the browser window size.

This was apparently a change that was forced in the 7.2 updates and ignores the setting you will have configured as a bookmark in the SSL VPN Web Portal.

In this article, we reconfigure the Fortigate SSL VPN Remote for Desktop Dynamic Resolution in the Web Portal


This requires some CLI to resolve the issue but luckily will help apply to all users.

You will need to configure the Default Window size for EACH Web Portal you have configure that is using RDP connections.

config vpn ssl web portal 
edit "<web portal name>" 
set default-window-width 0 
set default-window-height 0 

Make sure that any bookmarks are also set to have their width & height set to 0, but I’m assuming here that this was already the case.

Here’s a forum article that discusses this issue with the solution sourced for this article.

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