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Fixing Windows 10 News & Interests Weather in Chinese

I had a weird issue with my Mum’s laptop where her News & Weather widget was showing as Chinese instead of in Australia.

Of course, for not being in China or speaking the language, this was undesired.

News and Interests in Chinese

It took a bit of research, but none of the forums helped on this issue except for the location of the registry keys that had controlled the widget.


When looking here, you might find some entries like the following showing configurations pointing to China. However, it was a clue in the root FEEDS key that led me to the solution.

When looking in the root I noticed that location was disabled.


  1. Go to Settings and then Privacy
  2. Go to Location
  3. Set Location for this device is on
  4. Set Allow app to access your location is On
  5. If you want, you can set your default location using the Maps app
  6. Ensure that Weather app is Enabled for Location Permissions
  7. Refresh the News and Interests widget a couple of times and this should now update with your local News and Weather

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