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Windows Server “Your PC needs to Restart”

I had a client server crash this morning; it was a great start to my Friday.

Once I had rolled out of bed and go to the computer to check the server, I had found this error staring back at me.

I have seen loads of Blue Screens of Deaths (BSoDs) in my bad, but this was a first.

This was on a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine running on VMware ESXi 6.5.0.


This is the result of the Windows Update KB3146723 when the winload.exe file has been modified. According to the Microsoft Article:

After installing this security update, some systems that are running third party software may display a 0x00000100 Stop error message after the computer is restarted.

This problem may occur if the third party software has replaced the winload.exe file. Software that is known to do this includes imaging software from StorageCraft.

Once we restored from backup, our server was up and running.

However, the site does offer a way to perform a recovery using bootable media.

Windows Server Error Code “0X00000100” – SYSTEMCONF

I found this solution after the recovery, so this solution was untested.

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