Google April Fools becomes reality

Google has become renowned for its April Fool’s jokes on the world by announcing bogus products and services.

This year, Google announced a service for it’s GMail users called GMail Motion. The idea is that instead of simply typing an email, one would use body gestures to not only type the email but to also control the entire GMail experience. This is the video by Google explaining and demonstrating the service.

Those who went to the website and clicked the Try GMail Motion button were presented a window revealing the joke.

However, it didn’t take long before someone actually made it a reality. Using the popular XBOX Kinect camera, MxR Lab has developed software that actually controls GMail using body gestures. Using similar gestures to that in Google’s video, MxR guys are able to open, reply and send an email using body gestures.

MxR Lab’s Responce to GMail Motion

We may not get Internet Access via our Toilets, but this is one GMail prank to have become a reality.


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