Start Call of Duty: Black Ops in Multiplayer by default

This has probably been cover in another blog but I couldn’t find it so I thought I would make a post myself.

I know there are other players like me who play the campaign of a game and once that has been completed, go immediately on to the multiplayer. This is easy for PC gamers as the application is often split between two icons, Single Player and Multiplayer. But what about for XBOX 360 (and maybe PS3)? I have found a way which will kick the game straight into Multiplayer mode without having to boot to the Main Menu first.

(Before I go too far. I apologise for the picture quality in advance)

Start the game and get into Multiplayer.


Then select Options.


In Options, you will find an option for Load Multiplayer by Default. Enable this option.


Once Enabled, the game will start in Multiplayer mode by default every time you start the game on you XBOX. You can always turn this option off or, if you want to play the campaign again, just go to Main Menu option on the multiplayer main menu.


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