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Microsoft release Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft today release it’s latest edition of the Internet Explorer product, Internet Explorer 9.

The new web browser has been available to the public in testing and beta form for some time now. Microsoft reported that over 40 million users downloaded the betas.

Internet Explorer 9 has HTML5 rendering and hardware acceleration as its main focus features and is now available for all to download.

Internet Explorer in recent months has lost market share ground to alternate browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However with the new release of the browser with better rendering engine and increased security, it is hoping to see some users return.

Internet Explorer 9 is only available to user running Windows Vista and Windows 7, leaving Windows XP users to IE 8 or alternative browsers for continued security and features.

IE 9 continues Microsoft’s battle to end the usage of IE 6 which was plagued with security holes and bad rendering engine which has caused endless headaches for web developers and maintain site compatibility.

IE 9 can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Download Centre website:

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