Blacktown didn’t get the iPad

It was my decision this afternoon to buy myself an Apple iPad. So by that decision I was going to go after work and get one.
Little to my knowledge did I know that I would finish in Blacktown NSW where I live. So I proceed to JB Hifi in Westpoint to buy one. When I approached one of the salesman in the Apple dept, he soon informed me that only Penrith and Parramatta JB Hifi stores received iPads. Minor set back but I soon left and went to Dick Smith.
Same store here. The Apple section salesman old me that again the Penrith and Parramatta superstores (along with other superstores) were the only Dick Smith stores selling them. That was my last option within Westpoint.
I soon left and went to the last place I could think of in the area, Harvey Norman. I knew my chances were low, but I haven’t been to that store every before and was hoping that they might have one. I was walking out of my last my last option as only Domayne (Harvey Norman sister stores) stock Apple products and there’s no Domayne stores in Blacktown.
What I found amusing is I later found that the first man to buy an iPad in Sydney was Rahul Koduri from Blacktown who camped in front of the Apple Store in Sydney from 2am Thursday considering the doors for iPad didn’t open til 8am the next day.
So it looks like since all the major stores in Blacktown never received, let alone sold, an iPad I am set to wait until I have some spare time in Penrith to get one.

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