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iPad is Viral

Apple’s latest iPad is not only the hottest tech item at the moment, but its viral.

It’s hard to read the news without some sort of article making some reference to the new device, but for me I am some what left behind.

Out of the five technicians at my work (including myself), myself and one other colleague have yet to get one. After looking the device, and having a go at others, it is very appealing.

Initially I was very sceptical about the usefulness of the device and whether it would actually be anything to get. But after seeing how quick and straight forward it is, I want one.

The iPad does exactly what I was hoping my netbook would do. Just be a quick way to get on the net and check email, websites etc. However with the awkwardness of the keyboard, the screen size and its boot time, the iPad becomes very appealing.

I suppose its just a matter of time before I get one. There doesn’t seem any liable competitor on the horizon.

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