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New Series: Windows 10 Apps Reviews

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Through the day-to-day I forget sometimes how customizable the Windows 10 system is. Windows 10 for productivity is often (at least in my line of work) just once Office 365 is install its about getting to work. But there is a lot that developers are creating to make

Windows 10 not only do almost anything these days but look awesome doing it.

In my new series, I am taking a look at the latest in Windows 10 apps on the Microsoft Store that give Windows 10 an edge. These apps can either be small utilities that give some visual appeal or something that just adds something extra to your work flow.

Why Microsoft Store Apps?

The Microsoft Store is often given a lot of flack for being a terrible App Store (and in most case is it a garbage pile), but sometimes there are some gems that you can find and these deserve some exposure.

I have tried and tested a lot of operating systems in my time, but in an age where I need to get work done I am always looking for tools, utilities and new software that just might help me, but it also might help you.

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