MYOB PowerPay 8.x on Windows 8/Windows Server 2012

MYOB PowerPay is old. Like... really old. The database engine behind this software was built in 1990 and is by a company called ACI which no longer exists. So expecting to run it on a modern operating system like Windows 8 is a high expectation.

Originally I tried what everyone else would do and go straight for the Windows Compatibility settings. I tried everything and every version with no luck.

However this is how I got it going on Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Server, so this should also apply to Windows 8.

So normally after the install of PowerPay 8.x you will see this error:
"4D Engine has stopped working"


 Go to the Start Screen and search for "Environment Variables"

On the System Properties screen, click on Settings under the Performance heading

Go to the Data Execution Prevention tab. Make sure DEP is set to On. Then click Add.

Browse to where MYOB PowerPay is installed and select PowerPay.exe and click Open.

Click Apply.

MYOB PowerPay will now open.

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