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Using HP Array Configuration Utility on a Citrix XenCenter Server

I don’t have a lot of experience with the Citrix virtual environment but have to use it from time to time at work. I came across this situation today and thought I would share this link.

You may have a monitoring system link Spiceworks or N-able (which is what I use) that has just reported that you have a failed HDD. You go to call HP Support and they ask for confirmation via a HP utility. For me, somehow Intergrated Lights Out was never configured (before my time) so no confirmation there. We need to install the HP utilities. However you cannot use the Windows version of the tools as the windows server will be virtualized and won’t be able to communicate with the hardware via hypervisor. You need to go straight from the source.

This article explains how to download and install the HP utilities directly on to the XenCenter server or the hypervisor, giving the direct access to the array controller that you need to get the information that HP Support is looking for.

Linux knowledge will be needed.

How To Use HP System Management Software on a XenServer Host

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