Creating a Bootable Linux USB Thumb Drive

An increasingly common method for install operating systems these days is to boot from a USB Pen/Thumb Drive and install the desired operating system over USB.

While providing a faster install, in comparison to optical media, for Linux operating systems, this can also be setup as a live OS running from the USB, allowing it to be booted from any computer, while saving all your data and settings.

However when it come to creating a Bootable USB Thumb Drive with Linux installed, this can be a task in itself without the proper tools (especially for Windows users like myself). For some months now I have been using one tool in particular to painlessly setup a bootable USB drive allowing me to install a Linux OS right from the USB drive. offers a range of guides and tools for running Linux OS from a USB Thumb drive and this is where I have found the Universal USB Installer. This is a Windows tool that allows to setup a USB Thumb drive to be bootable with your choice of Linux distro.

You can either have the desired OS disk image pre-downloaded or the utility can download it for you. This can be down from selecting which distro you want setup on your USB drive, pointing the utility to the disk image and selecting with USB drive you want to install to.

It's simple, easy to use and works every time.

Universal USB Installer -

For creating a Bootable USB Drive in Ubuntu, use Startup Disk Creator. Instructions can be found on their download page -


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