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Got an iPhone

Yesterday my brand new iPhone 4 had arrive, as so as I unboxed it came the end of my Galaxy S.

What was wrong with the Galaxy S?

The biggest problem I had with the Galaxy S was performance. For as long as I had it, I have problems with the phone performing slow, apps crash and more recently the phone rebooting randomly. When the Android 2.2 update was release I upgraded and notice a small difference but nothing to write home about. However I did apply the know LagFix which solve a ton of problems, however still not 100%.

Also the other issue was that it sucked for media. Because I travel alot for work, I listen to lots of podcasts and music. I know there are programs like Doubletwist and Winamp for syncing media with the Android, but they suck. It’s awkward and unreliable. Sometimes I would sync it an everything would be gone. No settings change or anything, but that would be the result.

So that’s when i decided to get a new phone.

Why the iPhone?

I had decided to go back to the iPhone for several reasons, but the main one was that I knew it worked. I did have the iPhone 3G and the only real complaint I had was that it was incredibly slow. Also I loved the system of iTunes and the simplistic syncing that I had setup. So it was only natural to return to the iPhone.

I am aware that the iPhone has its own issue and I have come to expect that from technology, however I know from having the old iPhone and an iPod Touch (which I lost on a cruise) that it will work especially for apps and media.

In terms of the Android platform, I see its potential as well as how some love it. The openness and it ability to be changed and customized beyond belief. But for me, having to hack the shit out of the phone to get it to a workable state is unacceptable and is a downfall of the Android fragmentation.

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