2011: The Future for this Blog

Another year has clicked around and fatties everywhere are vowing to loose weight while chowing down on a BigMac, loners are saying they will spend more time with the family while leveling up on World of Warcraft, and that rich dude in his sports Mercedes-Benz thinks about buying another car for the weekends while still declining the extra cost to a bluetooth stereo. In other words, new years resolutions are bullshit and that’s why I am not making any promises.

For the Tech blog this year though I will be looking to getting an actual domain name and losing the URL. Every time I look at this sites address I can only imagine people laughing at the ridiculousness of such an address. Not sure what it will be yet but I am brainstorming.

I am also hoping to give the blog and overhaul and new look this year. Although Blogger last year introduced the new layouts and looks for blogs, it is still dated and you just know that it is a Blogger blog and I hate that.

And I spose the other goal for this blog for 2011 is content. Posts are far and few between like a CityRail train (a little Sydney joke there), and I aim to post more frequently with news updates and some more fixes where I can.

To all the readers of this blog, thanks for your support in 2010 and I hope you continue with me in 2011. Happy New Year to you all!

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