Windows SBS 2008 stuck on Applying Settings

While fixing an issue with AVG on a server today ( I was confronted with an issue where the server wouldn't actually finish booting. The server would remain on "Applying Computer Settings" and wouldn't actually proceed no matter how long I waited.

What I hadn't realized was the problem was that earlier I had unticked IPv6 from the primary network card. I often do this on workstations I build and work on for work and only did it really out of habit. But it didn't clikc with me when I did this on the server.

SBS 2008 apparently needs IPv6 to function regardless of whether or not you actually use the protocol. So if you find yourself in this situation, take a look in your network card settings and ensure that you have IPv6 enabled on your card even though are not using IPv6.

The following site helped my out of this sticky situation:


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