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Galaxy S Wifi 3G Issue

android-logo It was Sunday last week that I finally got the shits with my iPhone 3G and decided to get a new phone. Instead of wait for the problematic iPhone 4G, I decided to go with an Android phone.

I have heard lots of good things about the Google Android phones, in particularly the degree of customisation that can be done on the device.

However, near a week later I have already got myself a major issue with the phone.

The issue is if the phone is sitting in a Wifi spot for extend periods of time (hours), and then leave said Wifi spot, 3G connectivity does not return. The phone seems to fail to switch back 3G when it no longer can reach a remembered Wifi spot.

Now I have contacted Optus regarding this, and the guy at the store first suggested that I replace my 2 year old SIM card. I was highly doubtful that this would resolve my issue and I was right.

Some searches on this issue show that this is a common and wide-spread problem amongst the Android phone. It does seem to matter what carrier, phone or Android release you might have. You have a chance of experiencing this issue.

As this forum thread shows ( this has been a documented issue with the Android since at least March 2009.

The phone itself is great, but because of this flaw its hard to enjoy it. And since I rely on it for work it puts me in a hard spot.

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