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Connecting to Windows Share using Fedora

Connecting to a Windows Share from Fedora was not an easy task at first. Although, in a world where Linux distributions are trying to become increasingly more easy to use, not being able to simply connect to a open Windows network shared folder seems like something that may need some attention.

Turns out that the built in firewall block the Samba client software from network access by default. So by default, users cannot access Windows network shares.
I found this article written by a blogger named Brad that helped me resolve this issue.

Connect To Windows Share with Fedora 11

Before trying connect to a shared folder through the network, you will need to install samba and allow access through your firewall. Fedora 11 does not come with samba and also does not allow samba access through the firewall by default; at least for me.

To install samba just run sudo yum install samba, and then after samba is installed, run sudo service smb start to turn on the smb service. The last step to being able to connect to a shared folder is to enable samba access through the firewall. To do this, first go to System -> Administration -> Firewall. On the trusted services list check off samba and samba-client.

The easiest way to connect to a shared folder on the network is to go to Places -> Network, and then just click your way to where you want to go.

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