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Girlfriend Making the switch from Mac to PC – Part 1

So I was having a chat to my girlfriend last night regarding her buying a new laptop.

She is currently using a Apple MacBook (entry-level model) and is think about getting a new laptop in the next 6-months or so. Now about the time I got my Windows Home Server, I stopped using my Apple Mac Mini due to the fact my music was no longer on a external HDD that soon died which was connected to the Mac. I have since moved all my music to iTunes onto my Windows 7 laptop, and haven’t looked back since. My Mac Mini, though still in great condition, is just now collecting dust.

Now talking with her she was first saying that she just likes the Mac interface, mainly because it looked better than Windows. However the last time she truly used Windows was her fathers running Windows XP. Alot has changed since then especially in the release of Windows 7.

Laptop design was another consideration point with her saying that the Macs look prettier. Granted they do have an excellent design and a PC maker has yet to match. However I did show her for the price that she was willing to spend on a Mac Book Pro, I showed her the HP ENVY series. She was slightly persuaded. The elegant look of the HP surprised her and the comparison from the Mac  to the HP surprised her more.

RAW image handling is another topic that Mac lovers like to brag about since that Mac supports them natively. However I soon linked her to a website allowing her to download codecs for native RAW image support for her specific camera. This no longer became an issue.

On her Mac she currently runs Boot Camp to run her games in Windows XP as her games (mainly The Sims) don’t run in Mac. So she is convinced that getting a PC will save her this step.

I can see that many people will have a problem with me trying to convert her away from Mac. But I have tried switching to Mac and eventually swicthed back. Mainly because everything I use in daily life is Windows-based and one Mac just didn’t make sence.

It will be an interesting time to see her weigh up the options for the two platforms and I will be reporting on this progress over the coming months.

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