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First post using Windows Live Writer

I have known about the various services and products that Microsoft have released under the Windows Live brand. Something I never realised was that you can publish to blogger using Windows Live Writer.

Designed as a simple blogging application, I am writing my review using it.

live writer
From the screenshot, you will be able to see on the right had side of the window is an array of tools allowing users to add multiple types of multimedia content. The most appealing feature for me was the easy ability to add watermarks to images. With a couple of clicks, the app had added a simple watermark.

Adding maps into your blog will be powered by Bing Maps. No surprise there.

The previewing tab is really cool in that it is smart enough to preview your blog post as though it is actually been published, in comparison to blogger where it just applies the formatting to the text.

Importantly, Windows Live Write supports Live blog, Sharepoint blog and other blogging services. As I start to use it more I am liking Microsoft and their efforts more and more these days.

If you want more information on Windows Live products, visit the website here –>

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