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Review: GRC’s DNS Benchmark

With the release of Google’s Public DNS I have been meaning to test my home connection and see whether it would be worth switching to other DNS server in comparison to my ISPs own nameservers. I was recommended this one tool and now I am also reviewing and recommending it. GRC’s DNS Benchmark is a software tool that simply runs on your computer and analyses name resolution times, errors time and then sums it all up in a nice report.

GRC’s DNS Benchmark checks the user’s current set DNS servers against over 200 other DNS server available and measure responce time and error redirection handling. This is all easily view as the software generates in real-time graphs measure times.

Once completed, the software generates two separate reports, Tabular Data and Conculsions.

Tabular Data essentially takes all the data just collected by the software and lays it all out in a per server layout. This gives the users a detailed information and score of each server.

Conclusions tab is absolutely clever in that i takes what data has just been collected and then writes up a report about its finding and gives recommendation regarding which DNS servers you should be using and how they performed. Intelligent stuff.

This software is freeware for download and works wonderfully on all versions of Windows (9x / XP / Vista / 7).
I recommend you give this software a go and see if you are getting the best internet experience.
GRC’s DNS Benchmark – Home Page

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