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No more Internet Explorer 6 for Google

Annouced yesturday on Google’s Enterprise blog, Google will stop supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), and for many good reasons.

Internet Explorer version 6 was originally released in 2001 making it 8-9 year old technology however the proprietory code that the browser read from has since been implemented in various agencies and their websited, making upgardes to other browsers has more or less been an up hill battle, not mention the dozens of security flaws and the recent security hack between Google and the Chinese government.

From a developer persepective, developing website that are compatible for IE6 as well as other standard regulated browsers is more than a headache and cries from developers to stop using the out-of-date browser has fallen on deaf ears.

Google’s recent decision to stop supporting the browser will hopefully start enterprise and other users on a whole to either upgrade or change their browser.

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