Review: Rivet - XBOX 360 Media Streaming From Mac

For a while now I have been using Connect360 software on my Mac to connect my XBOX 360 to my iTunes library. This is excellent software and works very well.

However, in my scenario, I do not put my videos and movies in my iTunes and have them stored in separate directories while having no intentions of importing them into iTunes. So began a hunt for some new software, and was successful.

Cyncial Peak's Rivet is very much the same technology as Nullriver Software's Connect360, however I found it better as it allows you to manually define directories where you videos are stored allowing them to be streamed to your XBOX 360. Supporting all the popular codecs (DivX etc.) it works well over Wireless and Wired networks. Security features including the ability to restrict and allow certain IPs and netmasks.

Trials are available where the only restriction are the amount of music and video files able to be viewed per session. However, at the price of US$18, it's well worth just perchasing it and getting full capabilities.

Depending on your setup on your Mac, the Connect360 software maybe be perfect for you and I encourage you to look at both when choosing a solution.

Connect360 Website:

Rivet Website:


  1. The thing to remember about Nullriver is that there service is TERRIBLE. If there is some trouble, you can not at all rely on them to help you out. I've got just about all their software, and never had much trouble with Connect360 but after trying to get help over and over again with their other software I've more or less boycotted them. And I am, of course, bitter, but this is not an uncommon complaint.

    Rivet does a great job, and you just need one app to do it all.

    I've not had any service issues yet, but they've got to be better than a company that ignores you or replies a month later with some copy and paste garbage.

  2. iv got to say that rivet is a hell of a lot better than connect360, for one you get to see the artwork for your dvds and cps on your xbox and best of all rivet is FREE!


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