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New SID and SysPrep in Windows Server 2008 R2

I like to experiment and play with server systems in my time off so I can learn new things and it give me a good way to try something without the fear of it affecting anything important.

So when creating multiple Windows Server virtual machines, I am always looking for an easy way to do this. However one thing that is important when duplicating a Windows virtual machine, it is important that the SID on the Windows system is different. Especially if those cloned VMs will be appearing on the same virtual network. (For more information on the SID, see here).

Also in the OEM world, the SysPrep utility is used to prepare a computer to be resold or to otherwise return the system to a state as though it is out of the box.

Luckily both these tasks can be achieved with the same utility.

This is the best way to natively generate a new SID on the Windows Server, is to run the SysPrep utility.

Running SysPrep and Generating a new SID

Prepare your system with drivers and software as desired.
Go to Start, then Run.Type %windir%System32SysprepSysprep.exe

On this screen, just select the Generalize option, then click OK.

The system will then reboot and prepare the system. This will have you reset the Regional settings and restate the EULA, but that is standard.

Once that is going it will reboot a couple more times
When completed the computer will boot as normal and will present you the login screen. Windows Server 2008 R2 will have you set the Administrator password for the “first time”. Seeing as though it is now considered a new computer.
And now you are complete. The system will have a new SID and will be ready to use.
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