Windows Network Card Configuration Script

As part of my job, I work in the field on various different sites configuring routers, testing network etc. This can be a dedious task especially when I need to constant change my network adapter settings, like IP Addresses and Gateway settings.

I have developed a simple script that allows me to quickly change between Dynamic IPs and Static IPs. If using Static, I am able to enter the values I need to complete my work.

While it isn't hard to change an IP Address in Windows 7, I find it requires more clicks than Windows XP and that is why I developed this script.

You can download the script from the link below and modify as needed. You will need to modify it to identify with the label of your intending Network Adapter. In my case, my Network Adapter is labelled "Local Area Connection", however yours may differ.

If you find this script helpful, please let us know in the comments below.


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