Internet Explorer 6 usage continues to fall

Not that this is really news, I mean who in their right mind would be using this software but it still needs to be said.

Internet Explorer 6 was once on top of the world despite being a terrible web browser (even for its time) with poor rendering skills and security.

However Microsoft has report that in the US, Internet Explorer has dropped to below 1% usage share according to its source NetApplications.

As new web technologies develop and HTML5 and Javascript continue to advance, this old browser becomes less and less capable of displaying these pages.

According the the website, Australia continues to sport a 1.6% market share. While it's a low percentage, that's still I high number of users.

If you know someone that is or might be using the browser, for the love of God, update them to Internet Explorer 8/9. Or even better, get them to use an alternate browser.


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