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DOS Printing to USB or Shared Printers on Windows XP

In some case still today there are people who are required to use old DOS-based systems for their business. Not necessarily by choice but still be the case. When it comes to printing from these system it is simple in that DOS simply pushes the print straight on to the static port whether it be Parallel or Serial. However USB doesn’t work in DOS.

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This is how I have setup printing to USB (or network) printers from DOS-based systems. Here I create a virtual printer port pointing to a network shared printer (even locally connected).

Sharing a Printer in Windows XP
  1. Open the printer’s Property Page
  2. Select the Sharing tab
  3. Select the Share this printer radio button
    In the Share name box, enter in a share name for the printer. Something short and simple is preferable. If you are using a HP LaserJet 1020, maybe your share name could be HPLJ1020.
  4. Once you have your printer shared, click OK

Note: Also make sure that File and Print Sharing is except through any software firewalls including Windows Firewall

Mapping the Printer in DOS / Windows XP Command Prompt

Note: Map the printer share to an emulated local port.  If you also have a Local Printer on your parallel port, use a different emulated local port (e.g. LPT2).  In step 7, use this other port’s name (e.g. lpt2) instead of LPT11.
  1. Open a Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd)
  2. Type :
    net use LPTx: \computernameprintersharename  /persistent:yes
  3. Then press Enter.
Note: Where x is in LTPx:, replace with prefered port number. E.g. LPT1.

Note: For computername, use the name of your computer and for printersharename, use the share name you keyed in step 4

Note: The /persistent:yes  parameter makes the mapping of the printer to the emulated LPTx port persistent, so you don’t have to issue this command every time you logon or otherwise create a batch script.

Now in the DOS application, printing to the mapped printer LPT port should print to your assigned printer.

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  1. A very good idea of sharing a printer in window xp as by sharing a such devices we can protect our precious money.

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