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HP iLO Reset via Command Line

This is how you can signal a reset on the iLO interface when you have no access to the Web Interface or it is otherwise not responding.

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By default you can access the controller via command line interfaces such as SSH.

To reset the controller via SSH:

  1. Connect to the controller via IP address using your chosen SSH client (use PuTTY for Windows)
  2. Login with an Administrator account (or an account with equivalent rights)
  3. At the command type
       cd /map1
    Press Enter
  4. Then type
    Press Enter
Resetting HP iLO via SSH Command Line
The iLO controller will begin to reset itself. Reseting the controller fixes a lot of hung-up issues and freezes on the interface. Also I recommend updating the firmware on the controller wherever possible. Firmware update do not require reboots or downtime which is especially good for servers.

FatMin – Reset HP ILO Via the Command Line

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