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Linux Claims Victory Over Microsoft

Edit (31/7/2021): This was originally quoted from Gizmodo, but I have had to update the link for TechSpot.

From Gizmodo:

From Gizmodo: In Linux’s Eyes, their 20 years’ war against Microsoft has come to an end, and they’re the victor. Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin thinks that they’ve handily surpassed Microsoft in every product category…except one, desktops:

“I think we just don’t care that much [about Microsoft] anymore,’ Zemlin said. ‘They used to be our big rival, but now it’s kind of like kicking a puppy.”

Original Source: Linux Foundation: bashing Microsoft now is “like kicking a puppy” | TechSpot

My response to this was that they are clearly out of touch with the real world. Linux does have the mobile with the success of Android, and as well as the web server space, however there are still other markets that they are small players.

2 thoughts on “Linux Claims Victory Over Microsoft

  1. Not just only android in mobiles they are also very huge in industrial machinery
    Most machinery that runs anything without a pc is Linux based as most of the stuff is now from china and it keeps costs down also,
    WINDOWS has too many layers of activity to be dependable as a machine tool controller. WINDOWS is not a true multi-tasking operating system. Yes, you can run multiple application, and yes, it looks like you're multi-tasking. In actuality, WINDOWS is parsing out time in very small increments to the running applications, so there are small time periods when it is not communicating with the control software. That situation was not acceptable for FMT.

  2. Linux is everywhere. Routers, phones, controllers, switches, servers, desktops, media players, set top boxes, and the list continues. I don't deny that. And absolutely Linux does alot of jobs better than Windows.

    Also, this always sparks a flame war on Linux vs. Windows and I am not interested in having this debate (done too many times before). I just think its a bit of statement to say that Linux is beaten Microsoft. That is all.

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