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Skype for Android now [more] possible

18 months after being available for the Apple iPhone, Skype is now available from the Android Market.
Skype, the worlds popular VoIP system, has put its mobile version of the application into the Android Market supporting Android 2.1+ devices, with one catch.
Originally, Skype was only available for download from for only approved few Android device like Droid X for example. Now they have opened it up for all device except the Samsung Galaxy S.
The Galaxy S is the only device that is not supported by this software which happens to be the device I am using. I have be hanging out for the Skype on Android ever since I got my Galaxy and now that it is available, I still can’t have it.
Skype for Android will allow users to make phone calls over Wifi and 3G connections (Wifi only for US users) and also imports contacts from the phone into Skype.

Update: I have installed Skype onto my Galaxy S. So far the only thing I can’t do is login to the network. Just a small thing. Can’t login. I have checked and verified my credentials and everything. So minor set back at this point.

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