Girlfriend making the switch from Mac to PC: Part 3

So she has just discovered that the HP Envy does not include a optical drive.

Admittedly I had overlooked this feature (or lack of) of the optical drive. Although in most situations these days I hardly use a CD or DVD but she might be different. when pointing this out to her, she was a little set back as the main point of her getting a Windows PC was gaming, and her games are on DVD.

Although this can be easily solved with an external optical drive, this maybe a big set back and may force her back to the drawing board for her next laptop.


  1. You could also rip the discs and transfer .iso files to the laptop via USB or LAN.

  2. We could. But for a non-technical user this can be very time consuming. For example, when installing a game, ripping the DVD to ISO might take 20mins. Then maybe 20mins or more to copy over a 100Mbps LAN (or 54Mbps Wifi) and then maybe she can install the game. Instead of the original 10mins to install the game from DVD. Thanks for suggestion but this doesn't work for everyday users.


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