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New iPad not worth the hype

The latest innovation of Apple inc. was released today in the form of the well speculated tablet-like device. The Apple iPad is a light-weight, touch screen device was release as the next best solution to the netbook market (despite not being directly targetted as such) sports various new features including a new iBook store allowing users to download and read ebooks. But is this device really worth all the hype? Here are my thoughts:

No Multitasking

Although this new device is based off the iPhone OS, enthusiests were hopefull that this new device might encorporate the simple ability to do more than one thing at once. On the iPhone it has lightly been forgiven of its inability to multitask but on the iPad this is a devistating oversight. Most people will often have the web browser open to a site while also flicking between a IM client and their email. But on the iPad, you’re either answering an email or viewing the web etc.

Also keep in mind how much critisms Microsoft got when they release Windows Started edition and was restricted to running only THREE applications at a time? Why does Apple get away with this?

Really? A tablet?

As I have said before in a previous blog, why the hell would Apple release a tablet-like PC?

In recent months, the netbook market has taken off with sales ever increasing and more and more hrdware makers getting on board. But for several years now, the tablet pc has been a hard market to make mainstream. Who exactly is interested in a electronic panel?

Not widescreen

This device is supposed to be the device which people will watch movies, listen music and read books. So why are they using a 4:3 ration screen. With every laptop, netbook and monitor these days being widescreen, why is Apple’s next inovation a backwards step in technology?

Wireless connectivity

I must say that I am impressed that not only have they (Apple)  incorporated a full range of WiFi compatibilty (a/b/g/n) but also releasing a model allowing for 3G Mobile Broadband access. However I can see that some people will be discouraged by this seeing as though the Amazon Kindle comes with built-in full 3G access cost in the price tag, while the iPad leaves it up to sign up and get a SIM card.

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