One thought on “GDGT Fail: Vista Popular?

  1. Hi Daniel,

    The popularity algorithm is determined by a number things that include how much traffic the product gets, how many people have or want the product, and other factors.

    Quite a number of users on gdgt have Vista and it receives a decent amount of traffic. If you look at Vista's gdgt page, it has a popularity of 9.9:

    So it makes sense that it was picked as a popular product. You'll periodically see this pop up with a number of seemingly older products on the site. On occasion, the Nintendo Gameboy will be a popular gadget, or the PS One.

    I'm sure we'll even see the Fusion Garage JooJoo make an appearance soon, not necessarily because people want it, but because of its notorious nature and people want to discuss it or find out more info about this gadget.

    Anyway, hope that helps clarify some things.


    Dave Schumaker
    gdgt community manager

    Questions, comments, or suggestions?

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