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Top 10 First Person Shooter Tips of the Web

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I have recently really gotten in to play the very popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 first person shooter game on the XBOX 360 (also available on other platforms) and finding that I was really sucking. My girlfriend has also become interested playing. That got me thinking what would be the best advise I could give her and everyone else when it comes to play most first person shooters online with multiplayer.

So what I have done is gone out on to the web and tallied up the top 10 tips that others believe are important when it comes to playing First Person Shooters (FPS) online/mulitplayer.

(Please note here that I am assuming that you have SOME First Person Shooter experience.)

Number 1: Learn your maps

It’s agreed upon all over the web that it’s important that you know your maps. Understanding and knowing your maps like the back of your hand will give you a huge advantage when playing. Knowing where the places to not only hide and killing your enemies, but to also collect and regain your health during tence moment can help save your life, and prevent yet another notch against your death tally.

Number 2: Weapons

In at a close second was tips regarding your weapon(s). First, like your maps, make sure you know what you can do with you weapons (more than just point and shoot). Know they’re range and accuracy and it will help you with you kills. Pick the best weapon for the job.For example, leave shotguns for close range and sniper rifles to long, accurate shots.
Also, make sure you have plenty ammo at the ready. Reload when you can while also not wasting your shots.

Number 3: Don’t stand still

Best advise ever. Keep moving. Never stand in the same place for too otherwise players will soon learn your location and hunt you down. Again. KEEP MOVING.

Number 4: Check your back

While you may have a nice, juicy target in your sights, you might be in someone elses. Always check you back, before you find a knife in it.

Number 5: Keep cover

Nothing better for keeping you alive than hiding behind something that bullets and explosive can’t penertrate. When reloading or waiting for the shooting to ease, crouch down behind a wall, car or some sort of solid object that might just protect you. Very important.

Number 6: Learn your controls

This one might seem a little obvious. I mean, how else will you play the game? No. Learn every corner of you controls. Learn combos, learn how you can manover in the game. The better your are at controlling, the better you will be overall in the game.

Number 7: Practice in Single Player

This tip was surprisingly common while at the same time overlooked. The best way to become good at Multiplayer FPS, is to become really good in the Single-Player mode of the game you’re playing. If you can finish the game at least once on a hardened level, then you will be well prepared for Multiplayer. However, this is not a Rule. If you want to just get straight to the online mulitplayer, f*cken go for it. It’s a game, just have fun.

Number 8: Keep cool

Doesn’t mean turn on the air con. No. In the great words of Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic. Stay calm. If you are getting hammered or somehow just getting into a panic, just find a dark corner and chill out for a moment.
Like in real life, you make more mistakes when you panic and not thinking. Stop, collect your mind and then, unleash hell.

Number 9: Learn from you mistakes

One of the best ways for you to improve is to correct your mistakes. Often games will give you a replay of how you died. Watch that footage and watch and learn what went wrong and how you can not make that mistake again. Maybe you thought you were hiding, where in fact you were standing in the open. Maybe you for Tip Number 4 and you got shot in the back. Watch and learn.

And Finally…

Number 10: Headshots

There is nothing more rewarding in a FPS. A headshot is the title give to a single bullet to a players head killing them instantly. These shots will often reward more points as they require more skill incomparison to standard body shots. Sniper rifles will help make these shots at long distances but it is possible with other guns. The more headshots you get will not only get you points, but respect with other players as it proves your skill with you gun.

Again these tips were taken from a variety of site across the web. These are all important in becoming a true player. Good luck.

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