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Review: XBOX 360 update

For a while now I have had the latest of the xbox updates particpating in the trial. Overall I have generally welcomed the update however there are a couple of design features that bother me.
The biggest thing about the update is the Twitter and Facebook as from the XBOX 360 console. Users are mow able to access and communicate directly from their Xbox. However typing your tweets or status updates can be a task in itself if you do not have the chatpad.

The Twitter and Facebook clients are run as separate applications. In other words, once you click on the Twitter screen it loads up a dedicated application. You are unable to tweet or upadte your facebook status anywhere else but within the applications. My problem here is that I was expecting to be able to tweet during game play. Or the xbox might be able to tweet when I have unlocked and achievement. But sadly no.

Users also gain access to the Zune video market place. Here users can rent and stream down a wide selection of movies. Don’t bother if you don’t have a solid broadband connection. Standard definition stream will average out to be about 4gb. High definition will cost you about 8GB in downloads per movie. To rent a movie you do have the choice of either entirely downloading the movie or instantly streaming. If you’re in a hurry, stream it. Each movie will cost you anything from 200-800 Microsoft points. Fair deal when a standard definition movie will convert to about AUD$4.

I imagine the update will be available for all shortly as most of the true issue are ironed put however it currently is only available to those who registered and accepted for testing with Xbox live gold members given priority.

Again overall it’s well done and about time but missing the obvious like updates during gaming is a major disappointment for me.

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