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No Network in Fedora 9/10: Removing NetworkManager

In Fedora 9/10 & later, it is found that software called NetworkManager which is setup to help with Network configurations especially in the graphical interface (GNOME/KDE etc.). However this utility hinders network operations of those on a command line level.

Symptoms include: (Remember, command-line environment.)

1) Unable to enable network card (e.g. eth0).
2) Network card won’t enable on startup/boot.
3) Command ‘ifconfig‘ does not show any network interfaces other than Local Loopback.

The only resolution I have found to get you system online without a GUI interface is the following

1) Remove/Uninstall NetworkManager
Easiest way to do this is these commands as root:

  • rpm -e NetworkManager
  • yum remove NetworkManager
  • apt-get remove NetworkManager (This may work for Ubuntu)

2) Verify your network configuration using the Fedora Network Configuration Tool.
As root, type the following:


Follow the prompts and this should have your network cards configured in no time.

3) Lastly, you have got to check to see if the network services will run on boot. Check this by running the following (as root):

chkconfig –list|grep network

If the results are ‘No’, then run the following:

chkconfig network on

After this, the service should then start on boot automatically.

Once all this is done, reboot your machine and your network should be working fine.

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