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Top 10 Instant Messengers for Mac OS X

After wondering one night what there was to offer as far as Instant messengers for Mac OS X, I began doing some research, and here is what I have found. This is a list of the TOP 10 messengers for Mac OS X.

#1: Apple iChat
Apple’s iChat is the pre-packaged solution for those who use AOL Messenger, Apple’s MobileMe, ICQ and other XMPP-compatible messaging protocols.
Apple’s iChat supports text, audio, and video across clients for easy video conferencing.
iChat comes pre-installed on every Apple Mac and is not compatible with other operating systems like Windows or Linux.

Official website click here.

#2: Microsoft MSN Messenger

Microsoft’s MSN Messenger is a simple program allowing user to chat to those on the MSN network (or Windows Live). This client doesn’t not support multi-protocols.

Microsoft’s solution for the Mac is lacking features including Audio/Video, but is simple enough for basic chatting and file sharing capabilities. As I mentioned be for, incredibly basic in comparison to the Windows version of the client.

Microsoft MSN Messenger can be downloaded from Mactopia or Apple’s Downloads Site.

#3: Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is feature rich as a native soltuion for the Mac. Yahoo! Messenger allows for only the Yahoo! protocol have does allow for Video Conferencing, chat room interaction and more. For user in the US, you are able to have IM sent to you mobile and also status updates.

Yahoo! Messenger can be downloaded from the Yahoo! Messenger website.

#4: Skype

The popular VoIP application is also available on the Mac giving it’s user all the features found in the Windows version. User are able to make calls, video calls, and basic chat. However, Skype only supports it’s on protocol and doesn’t allow others.

Skype can be downloaded from the Skype website.

#5: AOL Messenger

Mainly for US users, the AOL Messenger allows you to connect with other AOL buddies and only supports text chat, no audio/video. However, this software gives nothing more than what the iChat software already provides.

AOL Messenger can be downloaded from the AOL Messenger website.

#6: Aduim

Aduim is an open-source multi-protocol solution for the Mac that allows users to chat to buddies on a number of networks including MSN, yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Jabber and more. Natively developed for the Mac means that it runs cleanly with the system. No audio/Video capablities.

Aduim can downloaded from the Aduim website.

#7: aMSN

aMSN is an open-source solution for the MSN network on the Mac. aMSN supports a whole range of features like sound-clips, webcam support, and multiple account logons. No support for multiple protocols, but for those just interested in MSN, this is the client for you. aMSN has builds available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

aMSN can be downloaded from the aMSN website.

#8: Pidgin

Pidgin is a popular multi-protocol client on the Linux system, but now has a port for the Mac system. However, the port is not fully supported by the Pidgin development team and downloading the software seems too complicated as it is not located on the Pidgin website. Overall still a feature rich messaging client.

Pidgin can be found at the Pidgin website.

#9: Mercury Messenger

Mercury Messenger is a Java-based MSN Messenger client supporting multiple logons and other customisable features. Support audio/video only on the Windows and Linux versions. User also have the option to run it from the USB drive.

Mercury Messenger can be downloaded from the Mercury Messenger website.

#10: Fire messenger

Fire is another multi-protocol messenger solution offering a range of feature; however the downside is that it is no longer being developed or updated due to lack of developer support. Fire support MSN, Yahoo, AOL and more protocols.

Fire can be downloaded from the Fire Messenger website.

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