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The Move to WordPress

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Back in 2009, I create this blog as a split from my first internet blog the Daniel B’s Blog. It was a simple blog because that’s what people did back then. We didn’t have Facebook or Twitter so you would post to either you Blogger, LiveJournal or some other blog service. It would be a public dairy.

Somethings changes, not sure for the better or worse.

When I made the split it was because I found that: one, i enjoyed writing articles about tech-related stuff more that just posting junk or stories about myself, and two they would get more views (it’s always about the numbers).

Fast Forward…

Fast forward to today, what am I doing now?

Well I go through phases with this blog and I like to try different things from time to time to see what’s better.

But since I started a new series on review Windows 10 Apps, I needed something more than what I could get from Blogger. Both visually and from the editor itself.

Blogger has serve me for many years without fail. It allowed me to develop a long-term blog that has helped people at work and solve some of those unusual tech issues. There was also that one time I got a donation! (I spent it on a Thai lunch).

What’s Next?

I’m looking forward to giving this next version of this blog a hard crack. The new series has given me some new energy for this blog that I hope will help someone out.

Thank you for those that have been reading my article and leaving comments over the year. I am doing my best to makes sure this transition to WordPress doesn’t break any permalinks in the world.

It’s exciting for me to have this project now and I will look forward to further improvements that will be coming to make this a professional tech blog.