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Microsoft Teams Background Blur Not Showing

An issue I noticed that while working from home during this crazy COVID-19 period was that on my home computer I wasn't presented with the option for Background Blur or Effects. Today I decided to dig deeper to see what's going on.

Clearing cache - no fix.
Log off and Log on - no fix.
Uninstall and reinstall - no fix.

My computer at the office worked fine so it wasn't a tenant setting so what is going on?

CPU Support
It turns out Microsoft Team requires CPUs with Advanced Vector Extension 2 (AVX2) support to perform the Background Blur and Background Effects rendering. Without this support, the features will not be available to you.

AVX2 is supported by PCs that have a post-Haswell chipset on Intel CPUs.

Turns out my computer is too old and only supports AVX[1].

How to find if your CPU supports AVX2?
The easiest method for me was to download and run Speccy.

This is a nice fee utility that give you great detail of your hardware, from CPU, RAM, etc.
Using the CPU informatio…