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Activating Windows 10 with Windows 7 Key

I recently had to replace a few parts in my PC and thought that my Windows 10 activation through the Microsoft Account would be enough. However it wasn't. I went through Microsoft Support to get it reactivated. However as the original build was done through the free upgrade, the PC had changed too much to be considered the same computer for a reactivation. When speaking to the engineer they asked me for a Windows 7 key since the original computer was upgraded. Luckily I had a key available. This command allows you to enter a Windows 7 Product Key to activate Windows 10. It will work as long as it it is a matching edition of Windows (e.g. Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro). slui 3 This has worked a couple of times for me now. See if it works for you.

Microsoft Teams: Shift Schedule Export Not Working

Our work is using Microsoft Teams more and more lately and a new feature that has been turned on was Shifts for Microsoft Teams. There is a feature (at time of writing) that allows you to Export the Shifts schedule to a Excel spreadsheet. However, with the current version of Shifts there are some interfaces that are missing or lacking. For example, when you do this Export of the schedule, there are no prompts. None. Nothing to ask when you where to save the file, nor that the export was completed. So after some digging I have found out that, when you do an export, the Excel file is save to your default Downloads folder. It should be clearer that this is happening, and hopefully they fix this up and make it more obvious in future versions. Thanks to this forum thread for the answer.