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Deleting Office 365 Tenant

For a long time now, I have been using trials to test new technologies at home that I can use for my work like every good tech does. With the introduction of Office 365, more and more I need to be able to test the clouds services for different scenarios. However, I like to completely remove any services that I am finished with an no longer need as a end-of-the-day clean up task. So how do you do this with Office 365? By default, once the trial subscription expires the tenant will remain active allowing you a chance to purchase a new subscription and assign to your tenant. In this case I know I will never need the tenant again. So this is what I have found to decommission a Office 365 trial tenant using Azure Active Directory. WARNING! Please triple check that you are doing this on the correct tenant. This deletion is unrecoverable. You do this at your own risk. Prerequisites Before you can start this process you need to make sure: All subscriptions are d