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Windows 8 Audio/Sound automatically adjusts

This has been drving me insane for practically months now and I have finally found the solution. Scenario In Windows 8, you will be working away listening to your favourite music, 'nek minit' your music is so quite you can't hear. You check the Audio Mixer and you find the volume has moved to near Mute. So you think "well that's weird" and move it back to the level you had it at and go back to work. But then it happens again. And again. Well turns out that in Windows 8, they implemented a feature where Windows is "smart" and adjusts the volume when it detects what is call "Communication Activity". This activity is supposed to be for phone calls or VoIP communications on your computer and reduces the volume by 80%. Solution  Right-click on the Sound icon in the taskbar near the clock. Select Volume Control Options Go to the Communications tab Select the option Do Nothing Click Apply This will stops the sound from au