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New TechNet is way better than Old TechNet

TechNet (to a lot of IT Pros out there) was THE subscription service that offered you near unlimited access to Microsoft products that allow you try software before buying and deploying to your network. It provide virtually all versions of all products that a SysAdmin may need to perform a task or prepare their network for. Howver recently that changed. Microsoft closed access to new subscriptions to the TechNet subscription service on August 31, 2013. Prior and since then SysAdmins have been crying wondering how they could get the same software access. There are two methods, and one of them is FREE. Option 1 - MSDN MSDN, or Microsoft Developer Network, offer the same thing to its developers. A Subscription service providing access to an array of Microsoft software for developers to develop software for and test with. This access is a paid subscription much like what TechNet used to be. But starting at over AU$1000 for the basic package, is it really worth it when there is Optio

WHOIS Lookups from Windows Command Line

I have found this tool that allows you to perform WHOIS lookups from your Windows command line. Something you might find convenient and developed by the MS Windows SysInternals team. Once download, save the whois.exe into C:\Windows\System32 and it will then work from command line.