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200 Posts!!

While technically this will be 201st post, I am still happy to annouce that I have made it to 200 posts on this blog since starting the blog back in Feb 2009. Thanks everyone who have been supporting me and those who have been kind enough to leave comments when they have found a post to be helpful. These comments  give me the encouragement to keep this going. Thanks again. Here's a link to the first post where it all started .

Windows Phone Wifi won't stay connected

I have noticed one several occasions that my Windows phone wont be connected to wifi until I start using my phone. This is actually really annoying seeing as though there are constant updates and push notifications. Well there is little switch that you NEED to know about. You need to enable 'Keep WiFi on when screen times out'! Why this feature is not on by default, but without it you will find that you are using up your phones data cap a whole lot quicker. To turn this on: Go to Settings Then WiFi Tap the Advanced button Select the Keep WiFi on when screen times out option  Now your phone will remain connected to your wireless network when your phone is on standby. I have also found that this option will reset after major (and other) software updates. So keep an eye on this after some system updates. It really actually annoys me that this is a thing. With most people experiencing issues like "Bill Shock" and the first iteration of Windows Phone

New look for Tech Blog

The tech blog has continued to grow recently with the tips and help posts getting a lot of attention for other users looking for the same solutions, so I though it was time for a new, fresh look. I have moved the site away from the dark look and gave it a brighter colour scheme. I have also rearranged the items on the panel and the Pages are now more accessible with a tabs bar across the top. I would love to hear you feedback on the look and let me know of any more changes that would help the site. I am keeping the ads on their for the time being but donations would be appreciated.

Antivirus on Linux

Yes, this is a thing. Some people that are making their first steps from the Windows world to Linux often ask and install antivirus software on to their setup without knowing that this is often pointless and a waste of their system resources. There are many factors that help prevent malicious software running on a Linux system that make running a antivirus package useless. First, because there are so many different distributions of linux that have different structures to the core of the operating system, it is near impossible for a coder to target a large enough audience. While, for example, Ubuntu is growing, even Ubuntu has so many variations that seperate it in layers that make it impossible for crackers to develop for. Secondly, the structure of the multi-user environment require that privileged users are the only users to have access to core software and kernel space. And for this privilege to be grant to just any software in Linux is rare. With the popularity of some dist

New SID and SysPrep in Windows Server 2008 R2

I like to experiment and play with server systems in my time off so I can learn new things and it give me a good way to try something without the fear of it affecting anything important. So when creating multiple Windows Server virtual machines, I am always looking for an easy way to do this. However one thing that is important when duplicating a Windows virtual machine, it is important that the SID on the Windows system is different. Especially if those cloned VMs will be appearing on the same virtual network. (For more information on the SID, see here ). Also in the OEM world, the SysPrep utility is used to prepare a computer to be resold or to otherwise return the system to a state as though it is out of the box. Luckily both these tasks can be achieved with the same utility. This is the best way to natively generate a new SID on the Windows Server, is to run the SysPrep utility. Running SysPrep and Generating a new SID Prepare your system with drivers and software as d

Windows 8: Can't Click and Drag Icons

This little fault puzzled me today. I found that I was unable to click and drag any icons within the Windows Explorer windows. It was very frustrating to say the least. But you will never guess what solved it for me. Solution: Hit the 'ESC' key. That's right. Simply hitting the escape key on my keyboard return the click'n'drag function. Reading around some forums from people experiencing the same thing, speculation is some utilities may expectantly lock this function and hitting the escape button releases the lock.

Disk Cleanup on Windows Server 2008 R2

In order for you to clean up your server from system files and update files, you need to run the Disk Cleanup utility to safely remove these files. Unfortunately, this is not installed by default. This article shows you how to install this option for you to get the utility. CAUTION: A reboot will be required for this install. To install Disk Cleanup: Go to Server Manager Open up Features and select Features From the Add FeaturesWizard, select Desktop Experience option Click Add Required Features when prompted for the Ink Support option Then click install. This will install the feature and more. The Desktop Experience option will install the following on to the server: Windows Media Player Desktop themes Video for Windows (AVI support) Windows SideShow Windows Defender Disk Cleanup Sync Center Sound Recorder Character Map Snipping Tool