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Dual Booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTE

Since the beginning of Windows 8, the Linux community has been up in arms about the Secure Boot feature of Windows 8 and that it was an effort of Microsoft attempting to block out Linux from PCs.

So I thought I would build a VM and test if this was in all cases or just on new PCs.

For this test, I am using:

VMWare Workstation 9Windows 8Ubuntu 12.04 LTE I prefer to use Ubuntu 12.04 LTE for a lot my Linux work as it the long term supported version and still relevant despite there being newer versions. Makes it easier for me... but anyway.
So I have configured up a virtual machine and have install Windows 8. Basic build and simple account (no Microsoft account used). 
Once happy with the Windows side, I connected up a Ubuntu ISO and rebooted.
I have kicked off the install and it has detect that there is a Windows 8 installation (yes, Windows 8) and if I would like to split the disc. I have created the VM with a small 20GB hard drive, so I have split it two ways, 50/50. I continued with th…

Google - Somebody that I used to know

Who is Google anymore? They have changed so much I really don't see the company I used to like.
What happened to the friendly "We're on your side?" type of company I grew up with? And what are they doing to their own products?

When I was in high school, I was one of the few between to get a Gmail invite. It was a big thing too. There was high value to a Gmail invite. Only certain people could give them out, and they only had a finite amount of invites. Also, that was around the same time I discovered (and fell in love with) Google Labs. Their little corner of the internet were experiments and software demos were shown off and discussed. It was fun and dynamic. There browser was a no-brainer for me being embedded into their ecosystem later down the track and after getting my first Android (Samsung Galaxy S).
So what's different now? Well everything. Currently the Google Graveyard stands with lots of flowers from users paying respects their favorite and often freq…

Facebook and the new redesign

Recently I opted-in for the new redesign of the Facebook homepage to see how much they would change, and they have changed everything. And I love it.

Here are some screenshots.

Switching/Moving from Evernote to Microsoft OneNote

Update 4 (25-Apr-2016): Microsoft now provide their own tool for migrating you data from Evernote to Microsoft OneNote. See here:

Update 3 (13-Apr-2014): A lot of people in the comments noted a recent issue with the software prompting for both Evernote and LinkedIn passwords unnecessarily. I won't be updating this post any further due to it's age and no longer recommending the conversion software.

Update 2: Microsoft have released a native client for Mac OS X. Also OneNote for Windows is detached from the Office suite and available for free.

Update: A lot of people had issues with this post in that it either they had issues or it did work at all. Problem here is that newer versions of OneNote may have issues with this process. There may be other issues that I am unable to test for.

When doing this guide, keep in mind that it will attempt to export to a new OneNote file. Each notebook in Evernote will become a new OneNote file. So…

Using HP Array Configuration Utility on a Citrix XenCenter Server

I don't have a lot of experience with the Citrix virtual environment but have to use it from time to time at work. I came across this situation today and thought I would share this link.

You may have a monitoring system link Spiceworks or N-able (which is what I use) that has just reported that you have a failed HDD. You go to call HP Support and they ask for confirmation via a HP utility. For me, somehow Intergrated Lights Out was never configured (before my time) so no confirmation there. We need to install the HP utilities. However you cannot use the Windows version of the tools as the windows server will be virtualized and won't be able to communicate with the hardware via hypervisor. You need to go straight from the source.

This article explains how to download and install the HP utilities directly on to the XenCenter server or the hypervisor, giving the direct access to the array controller that you need to get the information that HP Support is looking for.

Linux knowle…