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XenApp 6 Web Interface fails to install

While installing Citrix XenApp 6 Web Interface role on to a server I received the following error: Web Interface install failed You check the installation logs and you see an error similar to this. XenApp Server Role Manager\Startup\StartupIndicator.exe’ exited with error code In order to install this role, you must be logged into the server as a Local Administrator. You cannot be logged on to the server as a Domain Administrator or other Domain account. Log into the server as Local Admin and re-attempt the install.

Mac OS X: Convert DMG to ISO

Here is a simple procedure that needs no extra software. Open the mac 'Terminal' application Type the following: hdiutil convert /path/to/filename.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/savefile.iso This will convert the DMG disk image into a ISO disk image which is more universally accepted than the DMG file type.