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Repair Windows 7 after removing a Linux partition (Dual Boot)

I have seen the appear alot in the forums of people are running a dual boot scenario on their computers, dual-booting Windows with Linux, and no longer want the Linux system. Simply removing the paritions causes Windows to longer boot. In this article I explain how you can fix this problem. In this article, I will show you how to repair Windows 7 after removing Ubuntu 11.10. Although, this will work regardless of the distribution of Linux you are using. When you remove the Linux partition(s) you essentially remove the boot loader and screw up the master boot record. This need to be repaired for Windows to work again. Contents Removing the Linux Partitions Repairing Windows Boot Loader Removing the Linux Partitions Boot to Windows 7 and open Computer Management. Do this by either right-clicking My Computer and selecting Manage, or simple search for Computer Management from the Start Menu. Once open, select Disk Management. Here you will see the layout of the

Review: Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Ever since my last Microsoft mouse stopped working I have hard pressed to find a decent replacement (short of buying another on eBay). I tried a variety of mouse, even borrowed a very basic mouse from work to get me buy. But this mouse has always stirred a curiosity in me and today I broke and bought one to test out. The Microsoft Arc line of computer mouses are widely known for their unusual design. The mouse nothing more than a curved slate of plastic (forming and arch). The design doesn't look, nor feeling very ergonomical, which is something that is important when it comes to keyboards and mouse regardless of the frequency of use. Out of the box, the mouse comes flat. I guess they did this for portable reasons, but as I think about this concept, I think that in my laptop bag, this are going to press it and bend it back into it's "Arc" form. Which incidentally is also the power switch. As most wireless mouses these, it comes with a set of batteries (AAA) an