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PlayStation Network continues in Offline Mode

There are lost of angry PlayStation players at the moment, but can you blame them? Sony has switched off their multiplayer online network for a week now while they investigate and intrusion into the PlayStation Network. Recent reports have come out advising users of information being collected by the hackers. Sony originally explained the outage as being "infrastructure upgrades", however as time has passed and the situation has become more serious they have released that the outage was cause by unidentified hackers. Sony has posted a FAQ on their support website with some more information regarding the outage, but at most the response is "we're looking into it.... stay tuned". Yesterday here in Sydney, NSW Police have advise people to check or even cancel their credit cards while advising they are borderline on starting their own investigation. What is further frustrating users is that some games require connection to PSN server for even the Offline cam

Nintendo confirms new Wii console

Nintendo have confirmed rumors that there will be a new release of the popular Wii console and the next E3 conference. Although some have speculated the introduction of 3D, Nintendo has said that there is no focus for 3D as 3D televisions have not become mainstram. It is well speculated that a new controller will be intruduce to compete with that of the XBOX Kinect and even evolutionise on its own Wiimote. More to come soon...

White iPhone 4 is soon to be released

More stories are coming out of the UK with the White version of the iPhone actually being release. The White Apple iPhone 4 has been a no-show for a while now with Apple claiming technical difficulties with the colouring and casing being white. The most reported problem was that the white case would affect the results of photos taken by the in-built camera. But it seems they have figured out their problems and will soon be releasing it. Engadget have report that UK Vodafone do have stock of the new device and have photos of the new phone. You can see them here:

New domain name:

Hi All, I have recently signed up for my own domain name. You can now find this blog at .

Installing Windows Home Server 2011 on MediaSmart Server

I haven't tried this on my own hardware yet, but as soon as I can backup my data I will be. This article shows how to install the latest version of Windows Home Server on to the HP MediaSmart Server. Check out Sean Daniel's latest posts here

Internet Explorer 10 is not for Windows Vista

The next version of Internet Explorer will not be available for PCs running Windows Vista or older. Microsoft has confirmed recent rumors that the next version of the company's web browser, Internet Explorer 10, will not be available on Windows Vista. While most Windows user are either still on Windows XP or have made the upgrade to Windows 7 this doesn't mean much. Those using Windows Vista can continue using Internet Explorer 9 or more likely, use another browser. Internet Explorer 9 is available for download here .

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Escalation Map Pack on its way

From an article by IGN , Activision has confirmed the latest news of the release of a map pack for the Black Ops game. The first map pack, First Strike, broke records on XBOX Live when it surpassed 1.4 million downloads in the inital initial 24 hours of it release. The new multiplayer map apck pack will include maps titled Zoo, Convoy, Hotel, and Stockpile with a new Zombie map called Survive. The new map pack will first available on XBOX Live, followed by PlayStation and PC. Update (3-May-11): Check out this preview video from

Got an iPhone

Yesterday my brand new iPhone 4 had arrive, as so as I unboxed it came the end of my Galaxy S. What was wrong with the Galaxy S? The biggest problem I had with the Galaxy S was performance. For as long as I had it, I have problems with the phone performing slow, apps crash and more recently the phone rebooting randomly. When the Android 2.2 update was release I upgraded and notice a small difference but nothing to write home about. However I did apply the know LagFix which solve a ton of problems, however still not 100%. Also the other issue was that it sucked for media. Because I travel alot for work, I listen to lots of podcasts and music. I know there are programs like Doubletwist and Winamp for syncing media with the Android, but they suck. It's awkward and unreliable. Sometimes I would sync it an everything would be gone. No settings change or anything, but that would be the result. So that's when i decided to get a new phone. Why the iPhone? I had decided

Samsung release Wifi-Only Galaxy Tab

From Engadget: We've already seen it turn up on a few  retail sites,  but Samsung has now finally officially confirmed the launch details for its WiFi-only  Galaxy Tab . It will be available online and at retail stores across the US on April 10th for $349.99. Specs otherwise remain the same as the 3G version, including a 7-inch 1024 x 600 display, 32GB of internal storage (with a microSD card slot for up to an additional 32GB), rear and front-facing cameras, and Android 2.2 with support for Flash 10.1 -- from the looks of things, it's also only available with a white back. Full press release is after the break. Source:

Linux Claims Victory Over Microsoft

From Gizmodo: In Linux's Eyes, their 20 years war against Microsoft has come to an end, and they're the victor. Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin thinks that they've handily surpassed Microsoft in every product category...except one, desktops: "I think we just don't care that much [about Microsoft] anymore,' Zemlin said. 'They used to be our big rival, but now it's kind of like kicking a puppy." Original Source: My responce to this was that they are clearly out of touch with the real world. Linux does have the mobile with the success of Android, and as well as the web server space, however there are still other markets that they are very small players.

Smart TVs hitting the Aussie market

Get ready for the next wave of new TV technology. You thought 3D would be it for a while? Not even close. Smart TV is the next craze to boost TV sales. More than a HD tele, the Smart TV comes with it's own operating systems and ecosystem, allowing apps, internet access and streaming. Users can stream videos from YouTube and other online sources as well as search and view information from the net while in the lounge room. The Samsung smart TV is a hot item and most talked about featuring an app store and the ability to install apps providing added functionality to your TV like weather, IMDB access, improved TV and of course...3D.

iPhone: It’s Off-Centre

It’s hard to tell whether this blogger is sincere in his rant or just going on the April Fools trail but it interesting none the less. This blogger goes on a rant about how on his iPhone, the 1 on the Calendar app appears off-centre. Clearly upsetting the writer’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Take a look. Source: Gizmodo -

XBOX Gamertag Image

You might have noticed on the right hand panel I have had an image that generated a little picture relating to my activities on my XBOX 360. Sadly, the service that used to produce a nice XBOX gamertag image here is no longer. I have created a post to bring awareness to the closure of this service while also freeing up space on my right-hand panel. Update (3-May-11): I have since found another site that allows me to do the same thing as you can see on the right hand side.

Google April Fools becomes reality

Google has become renowned for its April Fool’s jokes on the world by announcing bogus products and services. This year, Google announced a service for it’s GMail users called GMail Motion. The idea is that instead of simply typing an email, one would use body gestures to not only type the email but to also control the entire GMail experience. This is the video by Google explaining and demonstrating the service. Those who went to the website and clicked the Try GMail Motion button were presented a window revealing the joke. However, it didn’t take long before someone actually made it a reality. Using the popular XBOX Kinect camera, MxR Lab has developed software that actually controls GMail using body gestures. Using similar gestures to that in Google’s video, MxR guys are able to open, reply and send an email using body gestures. MxR Lab’s Responce to GMail Motion We may not get Internet Access via our Toilets , but this is one GMail prank to have become a reality.