Thursday, January 6, 2011

Windows 8 to run on more than Intel chips

A lot came out of the Microsoft CES presentation today with twitter a buzz with highs and lows regarding what they had on offer this year and results of last year.

Majority of the presentation was what we already knew about products like XBOX Kinect and Windows 7, however the big thing was that we will soon see Windows 7 running on low-end processors like Intel Sandybridge and AMD fusion, which signals to a future in mobile and tablet-based computing.

The other major point was the future for Microsoft and their development with SoC or System on a Chip. Windows 8 will be developed with the ability to be coded directly on a microprocessor such as Intel, Snapdragon and the NVIDIA Tegra. A big concert of future computer engineering.

Those two point for me were the major factors of the presentation that shows that Microsoft as a company has just shown the world that they are serious about innovation and consumer technology. Some Twitter comment included remarks about Apple have something to worry about while other also said the presentation was a bore and nothing exciting came of it.

Other facts were fed to the audience like 30 million Xbox Live subscribers, 50 Million Xbox 360’s sold and 8 Million Kinects sold. Apparently 20% of internet connected PC are now running Windows and Windows Live used by 500 Million people.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IT Intern Story you must read

If you have ever been the supervisor for a work experience kid in IT, this story is your worst nightmare.

Rob's employer didn't need a summer intern, let alone a paid intern. This absence of need conflicted directly with the Director of Engineering's need to find his son a summer job while he was home from college. In the battle between Frugality and Nepotism, there could be only one victor, and plenty of collateral damage.
On his first day, Chris arrived wearing jean-shorts and a stained Boba Fett t-shirt that wasn't quite long enough to reach his waistband, which itself wasn't quite broad enough to completely contain his waist. He exuded the faint aroma of Cheetos and basement, and had the dazed look of someone unused to full sunlight.
Rob decided the first order of business was to get a feel for Chris's technical background. The Director of Engineering assured him that Chris was a computer whiz, but he didn't intend to throw Chris at their servers without a little vetting. "So, have you ever run a web-server?"
"Oh, yeah, all the time."
"Apache? IIS?"
"No. I use Internet Explorer. People say you can get viruses from it, but that's only if you're a porno-browsing moron. I had a guy try to hack me once. Once. He won't be trying that again."
"Well, great," Rob said. "Building management needs to do some renovations upstairs, so we're going to need to move a few workstations to another office. Let me get you a hand-cart and show you where things are."
Rob handed Chris a cart, showed him where the "to" and "from" locations were, and went to go do some real work. Fifteen minutes later, the hallway reverberated with an expensive series of crashes, punctuated with a whimper. Rob found Chris leaning over a thoroughly destroyed tower. "I… I tripped," Chris said. His lame story was corroborated by the Chris-shaped dent in the side of the case, and an honestly pained grimace.
"Why didn't you use the hand-cart?" Rob asked.
"I wanted to get some exercise. I need to be in good shape for my Jeet-Kun-Do classes. I'm totally going to rock my brown-belt test next week."
After explaining that the office wasn't a gymnasium, Rob learned his lesson and supervised Chris a bit more closely. The morning passed without Rob retiring any more asset tags. He left for lunch and spent a portion of it brainstorming a set of scut-work that needed done and would keep Chris out of trouble. When he pulled his car back into the lot, what he saw caused him to narrow down the list of acceptable tasks even further.
Someplace among the construction equipment, Chris had scavenged a five-foot long metal bar. He spent his lunch break doing his best impression of the "Star Wars Kid". His skill with his improvised staff was on par with his skill at moving towers. He showed the grace and elegance of the Incredible Hulk at a tea-party. Rob parked far away from Chris's practice area, and spent a few minutes waiting to see if the bar went through someone's windshield.
Nothing dramatic happened. Rob shook his head and went back to work. Over the next week, Chris's floor show became a gag around the office. Anytime he didn't have an assigned task, Chris darted out to the parking lot or an empty room and pretended to be the Baton Twirler of the Apocalypse. The staff dubbed the bar his "companion cube", since it was nearly always at hand.
One day, Rob allowed Chris into the server closet; he needed a gopher. He didn't pay too much attention when Chris excused himself, but he did look up when Chris waddled back in with a pair of steaming coffee mugs. Beside Chris's head was a sign that read, "ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THIS ROOM."
"Hey, I brought you some coffee," Chris said.
"Don't bring that in here," Rob warned.
The warning went unheeded. Chris's foot found a delicate barometric imbalance around floor level; he tripped, the coffee went flying. The company's internal webserver was destroyed, and Rob dealt with the after effects of a scalded groin.
By the end of the summer, Chris's clumsiness, lack of caution, and general incompetence caused no less than five major outages and destroyed a few thousand dollars worth of equipment. Chris said he was sad to go back to school, but everyone else patted him on the back and hoped they would get to see the door strike his ass on the way out. After his last day, things returned to normal, and he was quickly forgotten. The only trace of his passage was a clumsily photoshopped picture of Chris battling an oversize server with his metal rod.
And then, sometime near Christmas, the network went down. Rob scrambled to the server room, analyzed the situation, and quickly identified the problem. Fixing the problem was as simple as reconnecting a few network cables. And the root cause? Chris's metal bar. It had been propped in a corner behind some equipment. The combination of trucks driving by, the tides, and perhaps Santa's sleigh cruising overhead had jostled it loose. Gravity did the rest.
It was one last gift from Chris to ensure he would never be forgotten.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

iPhone alarms continue to not work

Further articles are dominated the internet with iPhone users continuing to not being woken up from their one-off alarms set on their iPhone.

Since the 1st, iPhone users have found their alarms to not be working with once-off alarms not activating at their designated times. Further reports and tweets from users of their missed flights and their latenesses to appointment and work.

Unfortunately, Apple does not regard the issue as high-priority but will be looking into the issue.


Aussie Retails Giant Push for Online Tax

Retail giant like Harvey Norman and Myer are pushing th government make changes to Australia Tax due to recent trends in online shopping internationally.

Due to recent surge in the Aussie dollar (and other factors) have encouraged spending overseas online, which also comes with the added benefit of no tax with spending sub-$1000.

Gerry Harvey, and other retail outlets, are pushing the government to either remove local taxes from sub-$1000 goods or apply the same tax to international purchases. Harvey Norman and Myer claim that to these lack of taxes, long-term results will include reduction in part-time/casual hours, and manufacturing and logistics just to name a few.

The government has said they have little interest in modifying Australia Tax law and see no immediate concern. Consumer group Choice have said that this push from the big retailers is nothing but scare tactics and retailers should recognize that consumers are simply sourcing lower prices.


Monday, January 3, 2011

NSW Government support Digital Development

NSW-Industry-and-Investment-Logo In an article by the Game Developers Association of Australia, the NSW Government will be funding $4.5 million to digital projects and creations.

As par of the NSW Digital Media Intuitive, NSW Industry and Investment is providing grants for a wide range of projects from small, early-stage projects to large scale developments.

The intuitive is in an effort to boost digital creation and encourage competitive development within certain industries such as Film, Gaming and software development.

For more information see here:


Sunday, January 2, 2011

iPhone alarms not working

Reports out today that since the new year, iPhone users are finding that their alarms aren't working.

In an article from Gizmodo, this is a bug that has been discovered since the new year and applies only to One time event alarms, while reoccurring alarms will continue to work fine. As a temporary workaround, set all alarms to reoccur and simply manually disable the alarm once it has gone off.

Users should expect a fix for the bug on Jan 3rd.

UPDATE: In an article from AppleInsider, Apple has confirmed the alarm bug with the phone, but believes the problem will be resolved on its own by the 3rd.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: The Future for this Blog

Another year has clicked around and fatties everywhere are vowing to loose weight while chowing down on a BigMac, loners are saying they will spend more time with the family while leveling up on World of Warcraft, and that rich dude in his sports Mercedes-Benz thinks about buying another car for the weekends while still declining the extra cost to a bluetooth stereo. In other words, new years resolutions are bullshit and that's why I am not making any promises.

For the Tech blog this year though I will be looking to getting an actual domain name and losing the URL. Every time I look at this sites address I can only imagine people laughing at the ridiculousness of such an address. Not sure what it will be yet but I am brainstorming.

I am also hoping to give the blog and overhaul and new look this year. Although Blogger last year introduced the new layouts and looks for blogs, it is still dated and you just know that it is a Blogger blog and I hate that.

And I spose the other goal for this blog for 2011 is content. Posts are far and few between like a CityRail train (a little Sydney joke there), and I aim to post more frequently with news updates and some more fixes where I can.

To all the readers of this blog, thanks for your support in 2010 and I hope you continue with me in 2011. Happy New Year to you all!

Updated the "What I Use" Page

I have made some changes to the What I Use page with some changes to how I do things as well as some easy links to the websites of the hardware and software.

I no longer use Seesmic as my twitter client and have come to like TweetDeck some more as it is also a great app on my Android phone.