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SBS 2008 Sqlservr.exe High Memory Usage

Open an Administrative Command Prompt. Type: osql -E -S \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query Now at the SQL prompt, type: 1> sp_configure 'show advanced options',1 2> reconfigure with override 3> go The screen displays: Configuration option 'show advanced options' changed from 0 to 1. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install. Type: 1> sp_configure 'max server memory', 512 2> go (NB The RAM usage of 512Mb is a suggestion, use whatever is appropriate in your environment.) The screen displays: Configuration option 'max server memory (MB)' changed from 2147483647 to 512. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install. Type: 1> exit Restart the service, or reboot the server. The database instance may be opened in the management applet using the above notation.

Unable to Send email from Blackberry (Red X)

Scenario: Blackberry tries to forward or send email from device. Email never sends from device and user sees Red ‘X’ on mailbox. However, no problem receiving email to the device. Email account setup through Carrier’s Blackberry internet service using Exchange/Outlook web access. Solution: 1) Shut down blackberry and remove battery from device. 2) On the Blackberry Internet Service website, removed current email account for exchange. 3) Recreate exchange email account. 4) Boot back up Blackberry device. 5) Test Email. Also see: “Unable to send email messages because the send as permission has been revoked” on Companyweb ( Link )

Running External 56K Modem in Windows XP Mode

For Windows 7 Professional 1) Verify and take note of the Physical or Host COM port number (e.g. COM2). If external modem is installed on host, it must be disabled in Device Manager. 2) Configure Windows XP Mode to link Virtual COM Port with physical host COM port. Tick “Wait for modem command to open port.” 3) Now boot Windows XP Mode 4) Go to Start > Control Panel > Phones and Modems Options. 5) Now install your modem as usual.

Static and Dynamic Routes in RedHat Linux

Static Routes To add a persistent static route in Redhat Enterprise Linux, simply create a file called “route-<interface><x>” in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory. Where <interface> is the interface and <x> is the interface number. As you would expect, these are specified in separate file for each of the available interface. For Example: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth1 Every entry or a route has three entities as follows: GATEWAY<n> NETMASK<n>=yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy ADDRESS<N>=zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz As the names implies, they are the Gateway IP, Subnet Mask(NETMASK) and the IP Network Address for each persistent route. Note the <n> next to each of the three entities. This number defines the route entry number and should be the same on all the entities. Example: GATEWAY0= NETMASK0=

How to Minimize Windows Live Messenger to System Tray in Windows 7

A common issue i have found with the Windows Live Messenger on Windows 7 is that it does with the system tray and remain working from the Taskbar. However here is a simple workaround that gets it back to the System Tray. 1) Close all intenses of Windows Live Messenger. 2) Go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Live > Right-Click on Windows Live Messenger. Select Properties. 3) Under the Compatibilty tab, tick Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista SP2. Then click OK. 4) Open up Windows Live Messenger. It should now be running from the System Tray.

New Design

Thanks to Blogger and some recent changes, I have updated and changed the look of the long running tech blog. Blogger has recently added new design layouts which help put the free service on par with other blog service like Wordpress and even Squarespace. Designs have been submitted and licensed by named web designers allowing user to use vibrant and elegant web designs for their blogs. Not only that, but users can now adjust blog sizing with the use of a graphical slide bar, rather than editing the blogs CSS. A much welcomed update to And a much wanted and needed update for this blog.

Apple licensing 'iOS' name from Cisco, acquiring 'FaceTime' mark outright

From Engadget: Hey, look at that -- Apple's trademark attorneys actually called the senior owner of a trademark before Steve announced a product name and got everyone into a tizzy . See, Cisco routers and switches just happen to run an operating system called IOS, and that means Apple had to get permission to rename iPhone OS 4 iOS 4 . Of course, the previous trademark tussle between Apple and Cisco over the iPhone mark probably means that all these guys are just good buddies now , so we're just waiting for Mac OS X 10.7 "Lynxis" to hit. Oh, and in case you're wondering, a company called "FaceTime Communications" actually sold its "FaceTime" mark to Apple and is completely changing its name in the coming months. Might we suggest "Apple TV Remote" as an intriguing possibility?

Apple iPhone 4G announced

Apple has announced the latest release of their phone, iPhone 4G. Summery of the up coming features are: - Video Calls with FaceTalk. Using FaceTalk, users can make video calls to each other. Down side is that both caller and receiver needs an iPhone 4G and wifi. - Multitasking. The ability to use more than one app at a time. This feature will also be available on the 3GS with the new OS software update. - HD Video Recording and Editing. High quality video recording and more advanced video editing. - 5MP Camera and LED Flash. Improved camera quality and a LED light to provide a flash for photos and light for video recording. It will be very interesting how it goes on release but all in all a very nice device.

Review: MobileRSS for iPad

I am a huge fan of Google Reader and how it allows me to manage my favorite feeds in the the cloud. But Desktop and Mobile clients are hard to find these days, at least good ones anyway. Today, I'm reviewing MobileRSS for the Apple iPad. MobileRss is a Google Reader client fully syncing with the cloud service. Working much like the native mail client users can read articles either in a portrait or landscape mode. There is quick access to sharing to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, email and so much more. In the current release, there is no management capabilities (adding or removing feeds for example). However this will apparently be added in the next release. There are options to only download images when WiFi is available for the 3G iPad users. Certainly a tops app and highly recommended.

Microsoft responds to Google moving away from Windows, calls it ironic

This is from an article posted on Engadget: Microsoft responds to Google moving away from Windows, calls it ironic : " Google made some waves earlier this week by reportedly moving employees off of Windows and onto Mac OS X and Linux machines -- although the company wouldn't confirm the switch, the move was said to be precipitated by security issues after Chinese hackers attacked the search giant back in January. Now, that wasn't the only reason mentioned in the report -- Google apparently also wants employees to use home-grown products like Chrome OS, and it's sort of weird for Google to buy tons of software licenses from a major competitor -- but the implication that Windows isn't secure enough for Google seems to have raised Microsoft's hackles: a new post on the Windows Team Blog says the irony of the move is 'hard to overlook' as Gmail and Google Docs have privacy and security issues of their own, offers a point-by-point breakdown of all the wa

Blacktown didn’t get the iPad

It was my decision this afternoon to buy myself an Apple iPad. So by that decision I was going to go after work and get one. Little to my knowledge did I know that I would finish in Blacktown NSW where I live. So I proceed to JB Hifi in Westpoint to buy one. When I approached one of the salesman in the Apple dept, he soon informed me that only Penrith and Parramatta JB Hifi stores received iPads. Minor set back but I soon left and went to Dick Smith. Same store here. The Apple section salesman old me that again the Penrith and Parramatta superstores (along with other superstores) were the only Dick Smith stores selling them. That was my last option within Westpoint. I soon left and went to the last place I could think of in the area, Harvey Norman. I knew my chances were low, but I haven’t been to that store every before and was hoping that they might have one. I was walking out of my last my last option as only Domayne (Harvey Norman sister stores) stock Apple products and there